All About My Drafting Services

 Kiyoshi Toi Architect LLC is the company you should turn to whenever you need architectural services of some kind. I, Kiyoshi Toi, the owner of the company, have been serving the people of Kapolei, HI for over 50 years now and am happy to continue to do so. I work with both commercial and residential clients and help them make their ideas come to life. If you are interested to know more about that, read the following paragraphs where I explain more about the drafting services I can provide you with.

 In order to turn your dream home or the building you need for your business into a reality, talking with the builders is not all you have to do. You will need good plans and a draft made by a professional like me, who can draw the layout and see if the things you want are actually possible. If there is something that sounds good but can’t be done in this exact way, I can help you do some changes in the layout and design in order to make the space functional.

 I, the architecture expert behind Kiyoshi Toi Architect LLC, can create the design of your home and commercial building. We just have to discuss the things you want and the ones you don’t, the size, and all other details. After I have all the necessary information, I will create the draft using special software. When I’m done, you will be able to see all different rooms and areas of the property in the plans and be able to visualize everything. If you are satisfied with the drafts, you can give them to the building team so they can start working on the job.

 For more information about my drafting services, you should give me a call and ask me your questions. I’m based in Kapolei, HI, will be happy to help anyone in the local area, and expect your calls at (808) 657-3524!