More About My Architectural Services

Many question the need for a blueprint made by an architect when it comes to home construction. Some think it’s an extra expense and even make the mistake of drafting it themselves. But technical drafting is crucial for your home project. They’re the basis for an effective implementation of plans. And when it comes to architectural services, my company, Kiyoshi Toi Architect LLC is the right choice!

Based in Kapolei, HI, I, Kiyoshi Toi, have been in business for over 60 years now. For my impeccable drafts and quality consultation, I only hear nothing but praise from my clients. I provide reliable and affordable architectural services, which include:

Custom Home Design

If you are looking for a custom home design for your new home construction, I am here to help! I create each building design specifically for individuals that will complement and blend with the natural landscape. Whether it’s a high-end home or a vacation house, I can design the home you deserve and will love.

Structural Analysis

Do you need a structural calculation or analysis? Structural analysis is crucial to evaluate whether a specific structural design will be able to withstand the stress and forces expected for the project. As such, you don’t want an amateur for the task. But don’t worry! As an architect who has over Six decades of experience, I can visit your property and give you a detailed analysis of my findings and recommendations. With my help, you can rest easy knowing that I will perform the structural analysis of your property professionally.

Architectural Consultation

Remodeling is a big and costly project. Plus, it involves altering the structure of your home. But before any “hammering” starts, architectural consultation is needed. I provide details about the implementation of a project and plan a creative and innovative building design for a remodel or construction.


Architectural rendering is creating a two-image or animation plan which shows the attributes of a proposed design. This needs a lot of skill and knowledge, which is something your average homeowner wouldn’t know much about. As an experienced professional in the industry, I ensure quality and specific details to a proposed architectural design that would surely meet your expectations.

If in need of a local architect in or in other areas near Kapolei, HI, don’t hesitate to call Kiyoshi Toi Architect LLC! Just pick up the phone and dial (808) 657-3524! With my help, your drafting problems will be easy and affordable.